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Aburame Hoshino
(you expected more description?)
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Happy belated birthday, Hinaji. I hope you had a pleasant day?

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I think that the mistake we, as tutors, are making is that we're not unionized. There are X number of hopeless cases in our school with the potential to be turned around, and Y number of tutors to help them. Assuming X does not equal Y (because Y is largely unmotivated to help about half of X), the simple distribution of Person A helps Person B will eventually crumble down onto our heads. A rate of Y = 1/2X * motivationy*x is... not a mathematical equation, and therefore not to be solved, but still pretty disheartening. There should be some sort of plan. Without method and strategy, we're not helping anyone.

My latest report was substandard. Mother is concerned that I'm stressing myself spending time after school with friends she doesn't know. Apparently the school has a new counselor this year. Because it's completely inappropriate for me to continue discussing things with a person I already respect who actually understands me, I need to make an appointment with her. Does anyone remember how that sort of thing works?

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Extracurricular activities once again successfully avoided. Being a research assistant still isn't getting me community service hours, but tutoring might cover those. I'm just glad they're having me back. School opportunities are so... limited.

One of Mother's coworkers did suggest that I'm not physical enough for a young woman my age. Thankfully, Mother seems content to have me take up taichijian. The time requirement is minimal, and the health benefits undeniable. It may even be relaxing.

This means I'll be busy after school Mondays and Thursdays and in the afternoons on Sunday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday left open for tutoring and being unproductive.

Maybe I can convince the lab to let me come Tuesdays as well. It sounds like too much free time when it's written out that way.

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